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Complimentary Sample Kit - Elevate Your Marketing Impact

Author: StickyOn Release time: 2024-05-24 02:46:17
Professional custom printing requires a finer touch than your daily home printing chores. Confronted with a variety of choices spanning product selection, paper types, and finishes, one can easily get lost. That's where we step in—to simplify this journey and clear away the doubt when picking the perfect paper for your upcoming printing project. We understand that product descriptions might fall short of providing the full picture. Hence, we proudly offer a complimentary sample kit to all of our clients.

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Advantages of Complimentary Samples

A free sample pack benefits everyone! Whether you are a small business owner relying on print materials for marketing, a freelancer, a graphic designer, or a wedding planner curating tailored invitations for clients, you’ll appreciate StickyOn's free samples which enable you to make confident choices for each printing order you envision.


The free business card samples are especially useful. You not only get to evaluate our selection of paper stocks but also observe firsthand how colors render on each variety. Such insights enable wiser decisions for forthcoming orders. When it's about printed marketing materials, first impressions count heavily. You would want to ensure that your representation is one you can stand behind with pride.


How to Obtain a Sample Kit?

Securing a sample kit is straightforward! As a new client, all you need is to sign up with us, select the sample pack of your choice, and place an order. StickyOn samples are complimentary—that's our treat to you! However, considering variable distances across countries, we charge a nominal shipping fee of just $1.


Do You Offer Business-Specific Sample Kits?

Our sample kits are tailored to serve a spectrum of businesses—ranging from small startups to large corporations poised to amplify their print marketing efforts.

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May I Order Multiple Sample Kits?

After enjoying your initial StickyOn free sample kit, you're welcome to order as many sample kits as required, with a modest additional charge for each.


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